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Kent started reading SF before he was 10 years old (a long time ago). He attended Discon II in 1974, MidAmeriCon in 1976, and hasn’t missed a Worldcon since. He joined the Washington Science Fiction Association in 1975, and was active in that club and its Disclave conventions until he was transferred to Colorado Springs in 1991. Kent is a founding member of First Friday Fandom of Colorado Springs. Kent started working on Worldcons at Iguanacon in 1978, where he was a radio operator and operations staff member. He chaired Denvention 3 in 2008. He is currently President of the Worldcon Heritage Organization, which collects and displays artifacts from Worldcons.

He has volunteered at Division Head and Department Head levels at Worldcons around the world, including Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. He has also chaired and been secretary for Worldcon and Westercon Business Meetings.

Mem attended her first Worldcon (and her first science fiction convention) at Baycon in Berkeley over Labor Day of 1968. This eye-opening weekend led her into both the Tolkien Society and the Mythopoeic Society and she attended (and volunteered at) Mythcons and Westercons for the next decade while she finished college, married, and even had babies – reading SF all the while.

Her second Worldcon was LAcon I in 1972 where she helped out at registration and at the masquerade. She ran her first con in 1976 – the first Mythcon run outside southern California. This experience, the birth of her third child, and a new job with IRS kept her too busy for active fandom for a couple of years, but she returned to cons and con running on the east coast in the 1980s working on Darkovercons, Disclaves, Datclaves, and the occasional Worldcon – she was an official “Bug-Eyed Computer Operator” at Noreascon II. By now her areas of expertise were in running registration and programming, and running babysitting (a task she took on for several consecutive years at Disclave, possibly setting a record in fandom for insufficient reluctance).

In the late 80’s mystery fandom won out briefly over SF fandom, and she created and chaired the first few years of Malice Domestic (a DC area mystery con designed to provide a cozy alternative to the more hard-boiled Bouchercon). By now married to Kent Bloom, and attending Worldcons and SMOFcons annually, Mary has worked site selection, information, newsletter, registration, events, and even taken a turn as a program participant. She ran Worldcon babysitting at Bucconneer putting in 17 hour days and managing to only once have to change a diaper. With Linda Ross-Mansfield she ran at-con registration at Torcon (that was the one without the long lines).

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